On this page you find the biggest listing of Chiang Mai gym reviews

Through the last 6 years I have visited almost every fitness center in Chiang Mai, I have watched them come and go, and I have never find a gym that 100% suit my training requirements. I hope you will gain advantage from my experience and find a gym in Chiang mai that suit your training needs.

The “gym location” contains a google map with all the gyms I know of in Chiang mai – you should be able to find a gym near your home. If you want to read a description I have written a review of all the gyms I have visited in Chiang Mai.

if you can´t find your Chiang Mai Gym on this page – you want find it at all

People are getting health conscious, so keeping it in mind we have dedicated ourselves to give you a brief guide how to find a good and suitable gym in Chiang mai. Chiang mai is famous for fitness and between health freaks. A number of rising fitness centres and gyms are growing rapidly in this area. We will help you to find the best one for you.

Before that here are some brief points why you should join a gym?

• Weight control
Going to gym is mainly targeted for weight control. A normal human burns 400 calories per day, so by a regular gym habit a person lose 1 lb per week.
• For your heart
A regular gym habit keeps heart healthy as it pumps more blood during exercise. Due to heavy pumping Cholesterol and other impurities removed and maintains a swift blood flow.
• For your mental health
Everyday exercise keeps you out from daily hectic life, balances your emotional life and gives you extra boost to your mental state.
As going to gym regularly have many benefits, so it is necessary to choose your gym wisely and you can find best gyms with best deals in Chiang mai only here.